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Walter de Silva, the design master who penned works of art for AlfaRomeo and later WV, Audi and Lamborghini among others in his years heading the Volkswagen Group Design, takes center stage as the President of the Transportation Design Department at SPD and gives a special talk on “Design for a different mobility”. In few days, our priorities have changed and our mobility has suffered a real Big Bang. From tomorrow, designing factories, components and sustainable mobility products aimed at a cleaner world will no longer be enough because new parameters and new disciplines will have to be included in the creative and engineering development process.

We are getting closer to a new and upcoming reorganization into an "Analog / Post Digital" world: physical and mental mobility will be reunited and the two of them together will become fundamental for our wellbeing. Mobility will no longer be confined to our decompression moments but will rather introduce an all-round, different relationship with the world in which we live. Infact, the Analog/Post Digital paradigm of the near future will not be the downsizing of digitization, but a more effective, ethical and conscious use of the digital revolution with augmented reality all the way more integrated with everyday reality.

DesignTalks is the public lecture series promoted by SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design to bring together voices from different professional fields on a wide range of contemporary subjects. 

Language: Italian with English translation

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